My Take on the Presidential Election


First off, I am neither a Republican or Democrat… as I am an Independent. Last week the Presidential election was finally over. It was a battle most people thought was going to be closer but Donald Trump ran away with victory over the swing States. It was evident that people wanted “change.”

What type of Economy do I see with a Donald Trump Presidency?

Either a victory for the Republicans or Democrats I still saw an improving economy. I was impartial to who took office. Yes, it feels like we haven’t fully recovered from the last recession, but still the focus on both parties has been jobs and an improving economy. Trump will not be able to force all his policies as the Republicans do not have a majority control of the Senate, but they do have control of both the House and Senate. Do I see a wall coming between Mexico and US?... Doubtful, as no way would the Senate approve of such an activity with a majority vote needed by the Senate.

Another key topic in Trump’s Presidency is what will happen with Healthcare? There is a chance for an appeal on Obamacare, but more than likely only parts may be appealed. It will definitely be a topic to keep an eye on in the coming years.

What key points will I be watching in the upcoming years?

There are three keys I believe will show how the economy is preforming no matter who is President:

  • Interest Rates: Yes… Interest Rates will be going up. No way Interest Rates can stay this low forever. What will be the reaction to the Market after an increase in rates? Hopefully people will realize the economy is improving and there will be a small reaction to interest rate hikes
  • Inflation: Inflation with low energy prices has been well contained. If energy prices stay low could we see a deflation state?
  • GDP (Gross Domestic Product): This is the ultimate predictor of the economy. This number tells us how the economy has been preforming and tells us the number of goods and services produced within the United States.

As always time will be the biggest test to see how the economy will perform under Trump. We are fortunate to live in the United States and with a chance for a freedom that many other people do not enjoy. What happens if the sky does fall on a Trump Presidency? (doubtful)…. But we do have the impeachment process, but I do want to wish Trump well as he leads America the next four years.

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