The Three Keys to Successful Goal Setting


In today's world Goal Setting is critical to living the fulfilling life we all desired. Without goals we just all spin in circles with a lack of direction. Goals can be as simple as I want to be a better parent, to I want to lose weight, but it is always better to refine your goals to the quality of life you want.

So what does it take to setting successful goals? Below are my keys to successful goal setting: 

Key #1: Set the Environment

This is always the first step in successful Goal Setting. You do not want to rush this step. To accomplish this step just look at your environment and look want you have to change. For Parenting, maybe it's giving yourself an adult timeout so you take your frustrations out on your child. For losing weight, maybe it's removing all the junk food from your house. For your finances, it's taking an hour each week to take a look into what you spent and why. One hour a week can make a huge difference in spending less, saving more, and increasing your generosity.

Key #2: Write Down the Critical Moves

Write down your critical moves is the 3-5 critical activities you have to do to reach your goals. For losing weight it may be to cut out sugar, don't eat after 6 pm, and lose 1 pound a week. For improving your finances it may be to save $20 from each paycheck, pay down $50 debt each month, and begin to invest. Each move should be a small step you can take to reach your end goal.

Key #3: Find Your Motivation

As an Adviser, this is the step I am working on improving in myself and my practice. Find your motivation is finding the reason "Why" you want to change. It is finding that "Bright" spot in your life you want to get to. There may be road blocks in your way, but your motivation and passion will be the necessary incentive for you to overcome any obstacles. A goal of improving as a parent their might be the motivation of being the best person you can be. For losing weight, it might be for you to live a longer and healthier life. For you finances, it might be for you to reach a level of contentment or financial peace you might not have in your life now.

So take a look at your life now, set a goal in January of the life you want and use these three keys to overcome anything that might get in your way of the life you deserve.

Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever!