The Greatest Christmas Gift


Over 2000 years ago Christians received our greatest Christmas gift of our savior Jesus Christ being born. There was no room for the future "King of Kings" in the Motel but somehow they found a small manger scene for him to be born. There was no grandmother or grandfather to welcome him into the world, but later the sheperds and Three Wise Men would see the sign of their king being born.

Jesus wasn't the typical King. He spent most of his time talking to the poor, sick, and the troubled. He continually said that earth wasn't his kingdom, but there was something greater en store. He did have a group of disciples around him that he trained to be the next generation of group to help spread the "Good News" and establish the Church. So why did Jesus spend the most time with the least of us? It is those that are the least of us that are actually the greatest of us. They are the ones that avoid the pitfalls of many Americans of Pride and Greed that get the best of us. So Today, "God forgive us of our sins." Let's refocus our life to be a "Light to the World" and let's celebrate Jesus Birthday Today!

"We are one in the Spirit... We are one in the Lord... And we pray that are unity may be one day restored... And they will know we are Christians by our love... By Our Love"

Merry Christmas!